40 Meter Throws

40 Meter Throws

Gyro Throwing knives references in Youtube

Also “the gyro throwing knife: fact or fiction?” by the combat knife thrower.

Visit for more information about the gyro dart knife www.knifethrowing.info.

Dr. Christian Thiel, Chairman of the Managing Commitee of the European Throwing Club Flying.

Blades (Eurothrowers) says about the Gyro Dart Knife: "to throw knives no -spin you ususally have to train for months, no so with the "cheater" knife the Gyro Dart, its tip will always face the target in flight, and it´s extremely fun to throw".

(and we add...)

...an this is why the Gyro Knives are not accepted at any no-spin contest, because you don´t need any skill to throw them, and between them, the Gyro Dart Knife is the easiest to throw!

Some Throwing knives: Gyro KnifeGyro Dart KnifeGyro Pocket KnifeGyro Punch,  Mini Gyro Punch

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