The sport of throwing knives: American tradition

The sport of throwing knives: American tradition

Throwing knives as a sport

Although the rules of this sport can vary, the goal is generally to hit the center of a target divided into 5 rings, with diameters of 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 40cm and 50cm. Points are obtained by hitting the center of the target (five points) and the outer rings (four, three, two, one) respectively.

In general, knives thrown from a distance of between 3m and 7m. There are many organizations  around the world to promote throwing knives sport. Two of the most important are in Austin (Texas) and Los Angeles (California).

The weight of the throwing knife and the throwing speed determine the power of the impact. Lighter knives can be thrown with relative ease but they may fail to penetrate the target properly resulting in "bounce back". Heavy throwing knives are more stable in their flight and cause more damage to the target, but more strength is needed to throw them accurately.

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