An ephemeral world record about throwing knives

An ephemeral world record about throwing knives

An ephemeral  world record about throwing knives. On December 21, 2002, I participated in the Central USA Knife Throwing Championships in Austin Texas, with a knife designed by me, called "gyro knife" (enlace a su home de la web: http://flyingknife.comand  according to some envious ones was more like an screwdriver than a Bowie knife.

In the different tests carried out, I achived a discreet position, as still appears at the official results on the web page of "South Austin Karate"
(enlace: The surprise came in the long distance test, where I nailed into the bullseye  18.10 meters (59´6´´)away.

According to John Bailey, who was the President of the World Knife Throwing Guild, who, at this time, was  controlling and sanctioning  this championship, the previous record was in possession of John Smith with a shot in the bullseye 12.50 meters away, So I had just set the new world record with one of my throwing knives.

I was pleasantly surprised and I turned to Spain with a smile on my face.

The controversy in the world of the throwing knives in the United States started immediately "That they could not accept that knife because it was as if a standard car was competing with a formula one", "this type of knife was too easy to learn and  they have spent too many years of practice to get their knives nailing at long distances", "that should be done Competitions only for gyroscopic knives "...etc.

After some time, I think about a year later, it was decided not accepting gyroscopic knives in the United States championships.

 It was rather logic, because if didn´t exist a large number of throwers asking  to establish a specific competition of gyroscopic throwing knives, the simplest solution was not accept them at classic tests and “the dog died the rage is over”.

The time that passed from December 2002 until the decision of not admission  I was world record of long distance knife throwing.

I think that up to the present time nobody has beaten my record and although not officially I still consider myself in possession of it. It may be a silly way to console myself, but when I remember this story, still makes me smile.

Francisco Tovar


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