About us

In 2000, the M Sc Industrial Engineering F. Tovar tried to use the gyroscopic effect, which is why a spinning top is held vertically while rotating, for throwing knives. Theoretically it could keep the knife through the air with the tip always forward.

After many attempts he succeeded and patented his discovery.

He founded a company, Seberland S.L. to manufacture the knives, while simultaneously developed other models based on the same principle.
Thus they were born the Gyro Knife), the Gyro Pocket Knife, the Gyro punch and his latest creation, the Gyro Dart Knife.

Until now, one had to practice for months or years to stick a knife into the target, and only at certain fixed distances; if the distance changed, you had a problem ....
Our products have achieved something important: that anyone who wants to stick a knife at any distance, can do it as easily as throwing a rock.
Anyone who has launched a free throw in basketball, knows how to nail one of our knives.

This is a real revolution in the sport of throwing knives, as the classical theory explodes and what, until now was difficult, becomes available to everyone.