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The gyroscopic throwing knife

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Blade´s wide14mm
Blade´s Length100mm
Weight175 grams
HandleZytel 801, unbreakable and knock resistant, no rebounds
BladeBluish carbon steel, one sharpened side

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This knife is the easiest one to throw, furthermore is the cheapest and the sturdiest of the gyro knives. The gyro dart is our latest innovation. You will stick at the target in minutes, no matter the distance, In fact, it´s the dream of any knife thrower.

No risk to injured yourself because, when throwing, is no contact with the cutting edge.


Devin Debow, well known as experienced knife thrower,  says about the Gyro Dart knife:

Published on 16 feb. 2016

The Gyro Knife also known as The Gyro Dart, is a product out of Spain by a company called Don't confuse this novelty product from the custom knife makers at We took a few hours out of our day to try and see if this product could hold up to the hype. Surprisingly, we had a blast and couldn't put the Gyro Dart down the whole day. We even considered putting flood lights out when it got dark! Results were impressive! The Gyro Dart maintained a blade forward flight from start to finish. The technique takes a little getting used to but once you understand it, it's smooth sailing from then on! Basic principle is to place your finger in a hole just behind the blade in the handle. Maintain a very loose wrist and throw it similar to a football or sidearm it like skipping a rock over water. Within 10 minutes, we had success so we turned on the camera and shot a few quick throws. .We easily hit 50'+ throws, only limited by the size of our backyard. Our next test will be in an open field and hopefully film 100'+ throws! Worthy of a fun afternoon of throwing. PLEASE NOTE: This novelty knife is NOT accepted in any sanctioned IKTHOF NO-SPIN EVENT.

Note of Gyro Throwing Knives

The no-spin throw, with a normal throwing knife, is considered as the most difficult way to throw a knife, and special skills are necessary to be able to.

The Gyro Dart Knife  is not  accepted because you don´t need any special skill to throw it with no spin; everybody can do it.

Dr. Christian Thiel, Chaiman of the Managing Committee of the European Throwing Club Flying Blades (Eurothrowers ) says about the Gyro Dart Knife: “ to throw knives no –spin,  you usually have to train for months, not so with the “cheater” knife the Gyro Dart, its tip will always face the target in flight, and it´s  extremely fun to throw.”

Visit >throwing knife reviews>Gyro Dart  for more information

Also “the gyro throwing knife: fact or fiction ? “ by the combat knife thrower (You Tube)

No risk to injured yourself because, when throwing, is no contact with the cutting edge.


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Gyro Dart Knife - External

Gyro Dart Knife - External

The gyroscopic throwing knife